The world’s most extreme detoxification method: 28 days of Ayurvedic cleaning

Drink butter, smoke and vomit as if you vomit everything.

Most of the purification includes drinking a lot of green juice, and sometimes it may be detoxification in a sauna . I (original author) will use a more radical approach: voluntarily drink butter, smoke medicine and vomit as if everything is vomiting. This is my 28-day Ayurvedic cleansing plan (Pachikama Detoxification) And Rasayana therapy).

Let me start from the beginning. When I was in my 20s, I used to eat, gather, and eat processed food all day long. But approaching 30 years of age, hard for a living, excessive use of antibiotics as well as decades of work pressure almost overwhelmed me, do not try to improve eating habits and fitness makes me tired, bloated like a ship.

So even though there have been many things in the five-century Indian holistic medical “herbal spa” in the United States, I decided to choose this extreme way to clean my body. I resigned from the company’s pack, came to the Ayurveda Yoga Villa (Ayurveda Yoga Villa, hereinafter referred to as AYV) and Udayagiri mountain retreat two Gurkha Lara states to open local retreat center, which is the Indian Ayurveda Origin. If I want to write a memoir for this trip, it is called “eat, work, purify.”

Listed below is the abridged version, the focus is only on purification.

AYV has customized a treatment plan for me, including a two-step combination of Pachikama’s detoxification therapy, a five-step, 21-day treatment that washes away all the toxins hidden in my brain and body. Then Rasayana therapy rebalances my body and immunizes me to maintain myself.

These days, I have eaten vegan, natural foods, no alcohol, caffeine and fruit (except bananas). Every day, he is arranged to use medicated oil for massage, steam bath and do some yoga and meditation, throwing away all modern disturbances (including the Internet and gossip). Of course, these are relatively simple, the following is the specific content of my purification treatment:

The first step, three days of butter treatment of Ayurvedic butter is equivalent to coconut oil, which can be used for cooking and to alleviate mosquito bites. Butter can effectively collect toxins from the body, so I drink the butter mixed with the medicine every day (the frequency of snoring is also faster, which means your body is digesting), it will start to drain after three consecutive days, my The body can no longer absorb it.

The second step, a day of vomiting because of the treatment of butter, so I was better adapted when I sat in the treatment room at 7 am the next morning to see the 7 liters of milk in front of me. Putting them together with plastic buckets, potions and salt water, doctors and experts are encouraging me to continue to drink and spit. The goal is to make the mucus more, and this process is one of the most people to ask “why”. I even thought about it this way. After I spit it out, I had the feeling of being teased by the god of Ayurveda.

The third step, one day of laxative treatment, finally has to let the stacked things down, I have to drink a bowl of very bitter Chinese medicine, it is laxative. After drinking, I ate some sugar cane and sweet spices to suppress the bitterness. The goal was to get rid of excess bile. This problem was diagnosed by the doctor on the first day I arrived there. As a result, I ran a toilet in the room for a day, and the staff came over regularly to check how many toilets I ran. The final statistics are 22 times, and the number of runs over time has become less and less. Finally I got a fresh coconut and salted rice soup to replenish my body to prevent dehydration and cramps. You can certainly imagine how clean, refreshing and delicious these two foods are after such a painful process.

In the fourth step, three days of herbal medicine is dripped into the nostrils for three days. The drops of Chinese medicine (mainly ginger) are dripped into the nose for three days, and then a head massage is performed to allow the herbs to circulate in the nasal cavity. It is said that the advantage of this is to remove the blockage stuck in the nose and clear the head channel to stimulate the brain cells and the central nervous system. This method is really useful. When I smelled the smell of ginger, I almost beat my technician. This treatment is over after the inhalation of the cigarette in each of my nostrils and the exhalation from the mouth. I am a person who often suffers from sinusitis. I don’t think I have to go to the ENT after I finish this.

The fifth step, after doing these personal treatments , the Chinese medicine enema is done with large/small enema (with oil, water or milk), taking the toxins out of the colon and the urinary tract. Here I will save the details of the microwave imager. It is. Although my doctor advised me to bear at least a minute, let the enema be in my stomach for a while. But I ran to the toilet for 20 seconds. After such a magical few days, I finally came over. Next I did Rasayana treatment, where I went on to do yoga and eat a clean diet until I stepped into the real world again. This is a buffer into the real world after a month of Ayurvedic-stimulated toxin therapy.

Isn’t it worth it to do these values? It is worth it for me. I have regained my energy again, and my head has been sober for the first time in so many years. My face and body are no longer bloated, my skin is radiant, and the benefits are countless. And it took me only a few months to get the benefit, even if I started to eat meat, sugar, coffee and alcohol slowly after I went back, I no longer feel as tired as before.

Thanks to Pacha Kama detoxification therapy, I never thought that one day I could be so clean and refreshed, so I wouldn’t eat meat for a long time, but this is a great value natural health trip that benefits both the body and the mind, however, I may not eat butter any more for a while.


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