5 Kinds of Spicy Food should be Eaten in Summer

When spicy food is consumed, the brain secretes amine polyphenols. This substance reduces stress and makes people feel comfortable. Spicy taste also promotes blood circulation and secretion of sweat, thus achieving the effect of cooling. 
According to the researchers of Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, People who eat spicy foods nearly every day have a 14% chance of living longer than those who consume spicy foods less than once a week. Therefore, the spicy taste becomes an irresistible temptation in summer.

5 kinds of Healthy spicy food in summer

Here, we are going to learn five kinds of eating spicy food which is quite healthy for you. They also help you to prevent yourself from dangerous diseases like cancer, diabetes, motion sickness etc. Check out the five kinds of healthy spicy food that you can add to your diet and keep away from some diseases.


Ginger contains zingerone and shogaol, which can stimulate the gastric mucosa and increase the secretion of gastric juice to promote digestion. At the same time, ginger also contains the perfume ingredients citral and linalool. Ginger has a strong bactericidal ability to prevent food poisoning . The spicy and aroma of ginger can increase appetite and increase saliva secretion. Ginger ketone and shogaol contained in ginger can act on local gastrointestinal motility and prevent vomiting . Compared with general motion sickness and seasickness, ginger has a better effect and can also eliminate drowsiness.

2. Mountain Pepper

The representative taste of Sichuan food is spicy, that is, it is numb and spicy. The ingredient that contains the tongue that can be paralyzed is the mountain pepper. The pepper contained in the pepper is antibacterial, diuretic and enhances intestinal peristalsis. At the same time, it can also paralyze the sense of smell and smell, and enhance appetite.

3. Pepper

The epidermis of pepper contains a lot of piperine. Piperine can promote the secretion of gastric juice and discharge the flatulence in the intestine. In Chinese medicine, pepper can relieve bloating, increase appetite, cool down and relax muscles. Recent studies have found that pepper can also prevent the formation of fat cells. But after more food with piperine can cause gastritis and gastric ulcer , causing stomach discomfort.

4. Garlic and Onions

Allicin is a substance contained in garlic, onion, etc., and has a unique aroma and spicy taste. It promotes blood circulation, helps digestion, and has antibacterial and antibacterial effects. Nutritionist Mr. Nvaneet singla says, “It also helps to discharge waste from the body, etc., so eating garlic and onions in the summer is good for the body.” However, allicin stimulates the stomach wall, and people with poor stomach function should eat fried garlic and onions.

5. Mustard

Mustard is rich in black mustard potassium gluconate. When you have a cold or stomachache, eating foods rich in melatonine potassium gluconate can relieve the symptoms. At the same time, regular consumption of such foods can also inhibit the occurrence of breast cancer and stomach cancer, but also prevent colon cancer.

6. Conclusion

Here, you have got acquainted with all the benefits of spicy food. Spicy food increases metabolism, prevents cancer, decreases heart damage and many other benefits. Eating spicy food boosts your metabolism and helps you to lose your weight in a natural way. So, you should also try the spicy food for your good health.


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