Several major causes of muscle loss

It takes a lot of time and effort for everyone to develop a muscle. No one wants to lose their muscles. However, some details that are overlooked in fitness and life are often the culprit in muscle loss!

causes of muscle loss

1. Excessive training frequency

Many people have slow muscle growth because the frequency of exercise is too low. Generally speaking, the exercise interval in the same part is more than 3 days, and the muscle-enhancing effect is not ideal. Of course, it is not that the higher the frequency of exercise, the better the effect. Excessive training will inhibit muscle growth. The small muscle group needs 48 hours of recovery time, and the large muscle group needs 72 hours of recovery time. It’s too late to give the muscles enough recovery time to better carry out the next training, otherwise it will become thinner and thinner.

2. Ignore the basic compound training

Many fitness people like to use some separate exercises, such as: dumbbell birds, thighs and squats. Ignore some basic compound training, such as dead lift and squat. These basic compound training can promote the simultaneous movement of several muscles, spread the power to various parts of the muscles, and better train the whole muscle group. It can also promote muscle growth better.

3. No timely replenishment of energy and protein

After the training is completed, the body needs to convert glucose into glycogen to repair and build muscle. If you do not consume carbon water energy after training, the muscles will be broken down into amino acids, which in turn will be converted to glucose to meet energy needs. Protein is the main building block of muscle reorganization, and it is necessary to fully supplement the protein after training. Therefore, after the training is completed, you must consume enough carbon water and protein, otherwise muscle loss is inevitable.

A high protein structure diet has a slight diuretic effect and consumes a lot of water when the body turns the protein into energy. The protein structure diet of the fitness group is also essential, so adding enough water every day can promote the body’s absorption of protein. Therefore, you should stick 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Especially in fitness, drinking water is equivalent to promoting protein utilization efficiency.

4. Sleep is not enough

If you don’t get enough sleep, the maximum weight you can withstand during your practice will drop dramatically, so you can stop expanding and growing because your muscles don’t get the most strength. Moreover, the growth hormone in the body is secreted after falling asleep, which can better promote the growth of muscles. Therefore, ensuring a good rest time is essential for gaining muscle and avoiding muscle loss.

5. Bad habits of tobacco and alcohol

Smoking can cause excessive intake of carbon monoxide in your body, which will prevent muscles from absorbing and utilizing oxygen. When oxygen is scarce, the utilization of oxygen in the muscles is reduced, which leads to a decrease in muscle explosiveness and a weakening of the fitness effect. In the case of alcohol, excessive alcohol intake affects the secretion of any hormone, which is indispensable for building muscle. Drinking alcohol will reduce the amount of testosterone in the body, which will affect the size of the muscle mass. Therefore, the tobacco and alcohol will not leave, and the muscles will slowly leave you.


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