Rhinitis during pregnancy? Check how to treat if you don’t need medicine?

What should the expectant mother get with rhinitis? Can I take medicine? This is a question of the relationship between many expectant mothers . Maternal and childexperts pointed out that rhinitis is prone to occur during pregnancy because the level of estrogen in the expectant mother is elevated. If the expectant mother has allergic rhinitis, the symptoms will be more serious after entering pregnancy.

Expectant mothers must be cautious when taking rhinitis medication

For rhinitis during pregnancy, most expectant mothers will “squat” without medication because they are worried that the medication will affect their health. If the symptoms are not so obvious, it is better to say that if the nasal congestion is serious enough to force the expectant mother to breathe, not only dry mouth, but also affect the quality of sleep, expectant mothers are often awakened from sleep. The lack of oxygen caused by nasal congestion may even cause hypoxia in the baby in the stomach, causing abnormal growth and development. As the nasal cavity communicates with the throat, inflammation spreads to the throat and causes sore throat.

If rhinitis persists, it may cause hypertrophy of the nose, nasal polyps and sinusitis. The expectant mother feels headache, dizziness, memory loss, and even low fever. Severe rhinitis is still “squatting” is not realistic, at this time should take certain treatment measures, appropriate medication.

If the expectant mother’s rhinitis combined with bacterial infection, pus and sputum, fever, you need to use antibiotics, in order to prevent damage to the baby, medication must be very careful, the type of medication, course of treatment, medication route should follow the doctor’s advice.

Try a treatment without medication

The mother of rhinitis is not only able to squat or medication, but there is still a third way to go. The following two methods of not using medicine are also worth a try:
1. Rinse the nasal cavity
One or two rinses a day can significantly improve the symptoms of rhinitis. The method is very simple, and the saline or the solution prepared by the nasal wash salt is poured into the nasal irrigator to rinse the nasal cavity. If the expectant mother does not understand the specific washing method, you can go to the hospital for ENT consultation.
2. Massage
Expectant mothers use both hands to repeatedly rub their noses to the nose, which can improve local blood circulation and effectively relieve sneezing and stuffy nose. There is no limit to the amount of time and frequency of massage. Expectant mothers can do it anytime, anywhere.
Tips: I know what the mother has to get rhinitis, so in order to better ensure the health of the mother and baby, we must pay attention to the above matters. Experts advise that anti-histamines commonly used in the treatment of allergic rhinitis are banned during pregnancy, and mothers should not use these drugs without consulting a doctor or pharmacist.


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