Prevention is the main 9 safety tips to tell the child

Through safety education, it can effectively improve the self-protection ability of primary and secondary school students and prevent accidents. Today is the national safety education day for primary and secondary school students. The following 9 safety tips parents must let the children master.

1. Prevent drowning

Do not swim in unfamiliar waters. Swimming must be led by a parent or teacher.

2. School safety

Do not chase after the fight, be careful to fall from high altitude; do not leave school privately during the class.

3. Outing activities

Keep away from dangerous places; do not carry dangerous goods with you; the group does not leave the team.

4. Walking safety

Walk the sidewalk, not chasing the roadway; do not cross the road safety barrier or isolation pier.

5. Cycling safety

Cycling does not bring people, does not compete with motor vehicles to rush; children under the age of 12 are strictly prohibited from riding on the road.

6. Car safety

The seat belt must be fastened by the motor vehicle and the body should not be extended out of the window during the journey.

7. Prevention of fraud

Beware of online shopping fraud, “remittance” fraud, winning fraud, top-up card fraud, etc.

8. Earthquake Escape

In the event of an earthquake, the internationally accepted principle of escape is “kneeling, sheltering, and grasping”; the restroom is safer than other places.

9. Beware of lightning strikes

In the event of thunderstorms, do not answer the phone; do not touch the antenna, gas pipes, wire mesh, metal windows, building exterior walls, etc.


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