Why do pregnant women feel insomnia after pregnancy?

From prepare pregnant to October pregnancy , mothers have a lot of sleep troubles, sleep disorders. How can I get a good night’s sleep? The Sleep Channel will work with pregnant mothers to explore the reasons for poor sleep quality during pregnancy and what methods pregnant women can improve their sleep quality during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers are going to learn the following methods with the sleep channel!

First, why pregnant women have poor sleep quality during pregnancy

1.Normal physiological response during pregnancy: Many expectant mothers often cannot sleep peacefully at night. This is caused by hormonal changes. Women who are pregnant are mentally and psychologically sensitive. Relatively, the tolerance to stress is also reduced. Usually, the mood during this time will be very unstable, so the symptoms of insomnia will occur.

Pregnant women often have experience with frequent urination, and many people are used to it. Such symptoms can seriously affect the sleep quality of expectant mothers and cause insomnia.

By the end of pregnancy, many pregnant moms often have cramps, which also affects the quality of sleep. Most of the cramps are related to the sleeping position, and it is usually more likely to cramp when the sole is down. In addition, it may also be related to local blood circulation and blood pH. Generally, normal blood is slightly alkaline. If the mood is unstable, and the diet has too much sweet food and meat, it is easy to make the blood acidic, causing electrolyte imbalance and causing local muscle cramps.

2. dietary changes during pregnancy:

Because as a mother, there will be great changes in the diet, so changes in eating habits will also affect the quality of sleep during pregnancy. Therefore, a balanced diet is very important!

Second, how can pregnant women sleep during pregnancy?

1. pregnant women should have a proper lunch break during pregnancy
Indian people have always had the habit of taking a lunch break. In recent years, medical research abroad has also confirmed that taking a nap 30-60 minutes after lunch can play a role in refreshing and enhancing memory, and can improve the efficiency of work in the afternoon. Pregnant women are more likely to fatigue because of their heavy body load, and should take time to rest in the afternoon. Nap is generally not more than 1 hour, otherwise it will affect the quality of sleep at night.

2. pregnant women sleep during pregnancy should work on time
Regular work is essential to balancing the body’s biological clock. Pregnant mothers should try their best to have dinner in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. Listening to music, reading books and taking a hot bath after dinner can help the pregnant mother relax and sleep more easily.

3. pregnant women are recommended to use the left lying posture during pregnancy
Lying on the left side not only helps the mother’s blood and nutrients flow to the embryo and uterus, but also helps the kidneys to discharge waste and urine. It is best to train yourself to sleep so early in the first trimester so that your stomach will get better when you get up.

Third, do not sleep during pregnancy, do not do these things

1. pregnant women do not fall asleep with troubles

Pregnancy women are prone to anxiety and have ideas and plans for family life, marital relationships, future child support, education and spending. It is recommended that the expectant mother who wants to think about the problem write down the problem she thinks of every day with a notepad, put the problem aside before dinner, and can’t figure it out until the next morning. Studying Hao Sijia in “Gone with the Wind”, she has a classic line: “Tomorrow is a new day. I will definitely come up with a solution tomorrow.”

2. pregnant women avoid eating difficult to digest or spicy food before going to bed
Spicy and acidic foods such as peppers and tomatoes can easily cause heartburn and indigestion. Eating too much before going to sleep can lead to the same symptoms. Therefore, the pregnant mother’s diet should be light, avoid overeating or hunger. Jia, she has a classic line: “Tomorrow is a new day. I will definitely come up with a solution tomorrow.”

3. pregnant women should reduce caffeine intake
Caffeine also has exciting effects. Tea, coffee, cola and chocolate all contain caffeine. It is best for pregnant mothers to reduce their intake, especially from the afternoon, and should avoid eating these foods or drinks altogether.

4. pregnant women do not read a book in bed before going to bed to watch TV
Some pregnant mothers have the habit of reading a book or watching TV in bed, which easily leads to visual fatigue of the pregnant mother, and also makes the function of the bed not function properly. The bed is the place to sleep. Pregnant mothers spend more time before going to bed with their husbands to keep warm and talk, which is conducive to enhancing the feelings between husband and wife, so that both emotions and body are relaxed.

Fourth, pregnant women sleep aid diet 
Lotus seed glutinous rice porridge
Ingredients: 50 grams of lotus seeds, 100 grams of glutinous rice, white sugar.
1. Soak the lotus seeds with warm water, remove the water, and wash with water.
2. Wash the glutinous rice clean and soak it in water for 1-2 hours.
3, the pot is cleaned, put into the lotus seeds, glutinous rice, water, put it on the fire, boiled into porridge, add sugar to taste, you can eat.
Efficacy: make up the gas, clear the heart and raise the spirit, but also raise the tire.


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