Pregnant women are prone to premature delivery in the summer

The body temperature of pregnant mothers is higher than that of ordinary people. In the hot summer, it is more important to pay attention to heat stroke prevention. However, due to special physiological reasons, if the measures of summer heat are wrong, it is more likely to be premature, so it is more cautious in summer.

First, why summer is easy to premature birth

1.Too greedy. In summer, the temperature is high. Some pregnant mothers will cool the water when they are bathing. The excessive temperature difference will stimulate the uterus to contract and cause premature birth.
2.Multiple diarrhea. As the temperature rises, the food is more prone to deterioration, and the sweating resistance is reduced. It is easy to eat diarrhea without paying attention to foods that are not fresh enough. In severe cases, it may cause premature birth.
3. susceptible to gestational diabetes. A large number of fruits are marketed in the summer. Many pregnant women will eat a lot of fruits to quench their thirst and cool off the heat. However, summer fruits such as watermelons and peaches have higher sugar content. Excessive intake is easy to get gestational diabetes. Pregnancy diabetes is very likely to cause premature birth or miscarriage.

Second, pregnant women in the summer to cool down to pay attention to these things

1. Avoid being too cold. When bathing, the water temperature should not be too low, eat less cold drinks, do not stay in the air-conditioned room for too long, avoid the air outlet.
2. Sunscreen less cream. Because pregnant women’s skin is more sensitive, it is more likely to be sunburned, so it is necessary to do a good job of sun protection when going out in the summer. It is recommended to wear sunscreen, use a parasol, and use less sunscreen because some sunscreens may contain lead. In addition, it is best to avoid the strong sunlight during the 10:00 am to 4 pm.
3. Don’t think of the mall as a good place to cool down. Many pregnant women use large supermarkets and shopping malls as summer resorts after going out in summer. In fact, this practice is highly discouraged. This kind of place will generally open up the air-conditioning, too much cold air may cause contractions, leading to premature birth. Moreover, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the mall is large, and the disparity between hot and cold is also more likely to cause a cold.
4. Pay attention to diet. In summer, you should pay attention to the hygiene of food. The food taken from the refrigerator should be heated before consumption. Otherwise, it may cause infection of the digestive tract. In severe cases, it may cause premature birth. Nutrition should be more balanced, summer physical exertion, fruit and vegetables are rich, you can choose a variety of diet to supplement physical strength. However, there is a limit to supplementing nutrition. Excessive nutrition or excessive consumption of high-sugar fruits may cause the baby to develop into a huge child, which will bring difficulties to future childbirth.

5 drink more water. In summer, sweating is more, and it is necessary to replenish water in time. In addition to boiled water, pregnant mothers can drink some mung bean soup and green tea to help digestion. The beverages such as cola not only increase the risk of gestational diabetes, but also may lead to fetal development. Abnormal, it is best not to drink.


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