Ten Yoga Tips: Practice Tips One Two Three

1. Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach . It is recommended to train for three hours after the meal, and it is better to train at least 30 minutes after drinking the fluid.

2. When doing all kinds of yoga exercises, be sure to stretch your limbs gently at the edge of your body’s limits. Never use force.

3. If you experience physical weakness or body tremor during the practice, please restore your limbs immediately. Do not overdo it .

4, any exercise may have delayed onset muscle soreness, such as tight or sore after practice, please give appropriate massage or cold compress .

5, when doing yoga exercises please to focus on feeling the action of their own body produces .

6. Unless otherwise stated, you should use your nose to breathe throughout your yoga posture practice .

7. Always remember: every time you practice, you should do it slowly and clearly. Do not have inertia that causes the body to run out of control .

8. People who are very old or have serious injuries on the back of the neck should first obtain the advice of a doctor or coach before deciding whether to perform yoga posture exercises.

9. Don’t worry if you feel a slight click on your body during yoga practice, which means your body is starting to loosen. However, if the same joint is always repeated over a period of time, please inform the coach in time.

10. If you have a severe pain in a certain part of your body while doing a certain position, please stop immediately. You must do the same position after the coach’s guidance. If the pain continues, please do not do this for a short time.


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