You should Know about Posteoporosis, treatment and care method

Osteoporosis is a very important issue in the elderly, with approximately 55% of the US population over the age of 50 affected by the disease. The bone contains osteoblasts and osteoblasts, which contain and regulate each other to maintain bone density. When entering menopause, the lack of estrogen increases the life cycle of osteoblasts, reduces the osteoblast cycle, and forms osteoporosis. The main clinical manifestation is fracture.

2. Treatment:

● Add calcium tablets

● Hormone replacement therapy

● Affecting bone metabolism drugs

3. Health care methods:

● Appropriate intake of calcium-containing foods (eg milk, cheese, vegetables)

● Regular movement

● quit smoking and alcohol

● Prevention of falls

● Maintain standard weight

● Limited to receive sun exposure

● Regular bone density test


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