Digging Truth Out of the Top 7 Misconceptions about Indian Food

What does the first thought strike to your mind when thinking about Indian food? Fatty, oily, spicy, time consuming preparations and may more thoughts. It is very true that popularity of Indian food is commendable over the globe but there are some misconceptions also associated with them. The foreigners who visit India to have the food have certain misconceptions about Indian food that are not at all true and as a result the international tourists don’t consume Indian food. The taste and flavour that the Indian food possesses is the essence of the country food and it is not at all unsafe. Here on this content we will uncover the myths about Indian food so that your trip in India can be the best every trip you ever visited both in terms of places and foods.

Common myths about Indian food

  • Spicy Indian food- It is very famous throughout the world that India is the land of spices and many kinds of spiced are found in India that adds flavour to the food. It is true that a lot of spices are used in India while cooking good but the fact that all the spices make food spicy is not true. Some of the spices such as cinnamon and cardamom are used to give that pleasant smell and fragrance to food. And as far as the fact about red chillies is considered, this is only used to make food soothing to taste buds but this step can also be omitted while cooking. You can ask the food maker not to add red chilli powder to your dish. If you are willing to give a try at home then you can try best staples available online with Grofers Coupons available in your city.
  • All foods contain curry powder- It is very commonly heard and seen that the tourists who visit India asks the food server that the curry which is served to them contains curry powder or not. Well let us tell you that the curry which is prepared in India is a mixture of many spices that are used in curry due to which it is called curry powder. But it is not true that all curries in India have curry powder.  
  • Indian foods are unhygienic and fattening- Is just same as all Italian foods don’t contain pasta in the same way all Indian foods are not fattening. The choice of amount of oil used while preparing food depends upon individual to individual. The dish which is prepared with 4 tablespoon oil can also be prepared using 2 tablespoons of oil. Some of the lip smacking in India are so delicious and are prepared with no oil they are only toasted and grilled and are also prepared by boiling.
  • Street foods are unhygienic- According to an Australian culinary he said that the street food which is served to the international travellers in India is much more hygienic as compared to foods prepared at restaurants. The street moods may look like they are unhygienic but it is not the fact as they are prepared and served hot which doesn’t allow the formation of bacteria. Make sure that before using your eating ware wipe that with a napkin and as a foreigner you are not usual to Indian food so avoid overeating. If you are one of those travellers who cannot handle heavy diet then you may choose idli, dosa sambar vada or lassi as your foods. Not to worry, if you wish to try best street food of the town then you can choose Swiggy Promo Codes to apply which will avail you best food at quick to your doorstep.
  • Contains high calorie- It is a very common myth about Indian foods that they are high in calories and can upset stomach. But the reality is just opposite. There are many foods in India that contain almost nil amount of calories such as dhokla, ragi dosa, buttermilk, oats, raita, idli. Not all foods prepared in India are diet busting
  • Using hands to eat is not safe- Our old and historical culture of eating food with hands is always bit confusing for tourists who visit from other countries of the world. Let us clear that all India foods cannot be consumed with hands but there are some foods in India that are to be eaten with hands such as parathas, roti, rice. These foods give a special taste when eaten by hands and cannot be eaten so easily with a spoon or knife. So, it is recommended that when you visit India eat the unique Indian food qith the unique Indian method.
  • Indian foods are not safe- A layer of wax is used in Indian fruits to make he fruit look fresh for the longer period of time and consuming the fruits directly can harm your health. So, it is better that before eating a fruit wash it lightly and try to consume the organic foods.

These are some of the common misconception that are prevailing about Indian food throughout the world that are not at all true.


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