menopause : What is symptoms & how to treat

Menopause refers to the period in which a woman’s menstrual cycle is over. When the menstruation is officially extinct, it is called “menopause” . After menopause, the female hormones (especially estrogen) in the body are affected by ovarian atrophy, and the secretion is less and less. Menopause begins at the age of 45 years .

During this period, there will be some changes in physical symptoms called “menopausal disorders” or “menopausal syndrome” :

  1. Menstrual cycle disorder: including length of time and flow.
  2. Autonomic dysfunction: hot flashes, night sweats, and palpitations.
  3. Spirit: mood depression, sleep disorders.
  4. Genitourinary decline: vaginal dryness, sexual pain, atrophic vaginitis, urinary incontinence.
  5. Hair loss.
  6. Osteoporosis.


Female bones develop to a peak around the age of 35, and then the bones gradually lose as they age. Especially after menopause, estrogen is greatly reduced, resulting in faster bone loss, resulting in fractures of the spine or hip bone, back pain, hunchback, inconvenient movements, etc., and even death.

Treatment and maintenance

(1) regular life and exercise, balanced nutrition (supplement of calcium).

(2) Avoid smoking, drinking, caffeine, and bubble drinks.

(3) Proper sun exposure.

(4) Regular measurement of bone density and early treatment.

(5) If there is bone loosening during menopause, estrogen may be added in time (operated by medical personnel).


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