Master these 3 makeup tips to double your makeup


Make-up is also a matter of learning. If you don’t get it, you will be self-defeating. But the younger sisters don’t have to worry, learning these practical tips can make your makeup look more delicate. Whether it is summer oil control anti-dressing or winter pick-up powder, it has a great connection with the base makeup, a little careless, the entire makeup looks mottled and unnatural. If you want to dress up and dress naturally, these few tips come to learn!

First, the basic moisturizing is very important

Surface hydration

The so-called surface hydration refers to the effect of emergency remediation in a short period of time by means of rapid hydration. Among all kinds of hydrating products, the hydrating effect of the mask is the most direct, and it is more suitable for emergency use. In addition, the essence of moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid can quickly penetrate the surface of the skin and be absorbed by the skin to make the skin moist and shiny. So if you need makeup, you must remember to apply a mask the night before.

2. Internal water

Although it is also possible to moisturize the surface of the skin through a mask or hydrating product, if you want the skin to be shiny and shiny, you need to adjust it from the inside. By increasing the amount of drinking water, we can achieve the amount of daily human body needed. This can speed up the body’s metabolism, mobilize the body’s circulation and lung circulation, and achieve the effect of hydration from the roots.

Second, the makeup before the milk must not be less

Some people will feel that the makeup before the milk is optional, so do not use it, so that the makeup is not compliant. Pre-makeup milk not only can isolate the outside pollution, but also give the skin more protection. It can also lay the foundation for the subsequent makeup, reduce the appearance of the skin floating powder, and make your makeup more delicate. So how do you choose a different color of makeup?

Yellowish skin tone

One of the characteristics of our Asians is the yellow skin, but in fact the healthiest state should be red and yellow. If the work schedule is irregular or the sunscreen is not in place, the skin color will be dull and uneven, and the overall popularity is not very good. Xiao Bian suggested that the younger lady with a yellowish skin color uses purple makeup before the milk, because the corresponding color of yellow in the color science is purple, purple can neutralize the yellow tone in the skin, making the whole person look more colorful. .

2. The skin color is reddish

If the skin color is reddish, there is usually red blood or acne muscle, but no matter which one is affecting the beauty, then we need to use the makeup before the milk for facial modification. In the color science, the corresponding color of red is green. Therefore, we can choose green makeup milk to neutralize the red blood and red acne on the face, so that the skin looks more even.

Third, the selection of the foundation is the main

The foundation is the dividing line between all kinds of makeup and skin. It acts as a protective film on the outermost layer of the skin to protect the skin from external stimuli. And the liquid foundation with sun protection factor can effectively organize these ultraviolet rays and fine dust to destroy our skin. For liquid foundations with many colors, it is of course his most important function to modify the skin tone, but the young lady must choose according to her skin, which will make the makeup look more natural.

1. Pick according to skin type

1.1 oily skin

For the oily or mixed oil skinny Miss, their pores are relatively large, and the oil secretion is relatively lush, so when choosing the foundation, you must avoid the thick texture, otherwise there may be bad conditions such as boring. . Doctor Gupta suggested that the oil skin, mixed oil skin of the young lady chooses a refreshing liquid foundation, so as to reduce the chance that the base makeup should be oily and mottled.

1.2 dry skin

For the little fairies of dry skin and mixed dry skin, the skin moisture content is relatively low, generally it will show that the skin is dull, no luster, and serious skin peeling will occur. In this case, the liquid foundation is very It is easy to have a toner powder. Therefore, Doctor Mehta recommends dry skin to choose a liquid foundation with a little oil content. The oil contained in it can form a sebum barrier on the skin surface, which can effectively isolate the skin and the outside air and slow down the evaporation of moisture on the skin surface, so that the powder is not easy to appear. The situation!

1.3 mixed skin

The characteristic of mixed skin is that the T area loves oil, but the cheek part is relatively dry, so it cannot be easily treated according to dry or oily skin. Beautician saloni suggests that the combination of the skin should be selected with a creamy foundation, because this type of foundation is relatively delicate and contains less oil, which can balance the dry cheeks and the greasy T area.

The above is the three makeup tips that Doctor Gopal brings to everyone today. If you want to have a clean and delicate makeup, the makeup must be the most important. A good foundation can have a better space. If you don’t want to be late, the younger sisters will act quickly! There are other small questions about beauty that are welcome to discuss with us below.


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