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Basic nutrition knowledge – the main source of energy needed by the human body

Q: I want to control my weight by changing my diet now, but I don’t know the role of basic nutrients and how to eat. Some people say that they can eat without a staple food, right? Can you briefly introduce basic nutritional knowledge?

A: It is possible to achieve the corresponding effect by adjusting the weight by controlling the diet. However, many people lack the knowledge of nutrition and the misunderstanding of knowledge, but it will cause damage to health because of diet. The following is a brief description of the basic nutrients and characteristics required by the human body.

The following four nutrients are the main sources of energy needed by the body:

1. Carbohydrate , calories are 4 kcal / g;


  • The main source of energy, should account for 50% ~ 55% of the total daily calorie intake;
  • Avoid protein decomposition;
  • Supply the energy required for fat metabolism;
  • Supply the energy required by the central nervous system;
  • Lack of carbohydrates can lead to water loss, decreased metabolism, and increased appetite.

2. Protein , calories are 4 kcal / g;


  • share of 20% of total daily calorie intake;
  • Feeding per kilogram body weight of about 1 gram of protein;
  • can not be stored, but will be converted to. Fat , the excess will be converted into urinary hormone;
  • intake is too long. More likely to lead to the loss of calcium.

3. Fat, calories are 9 kcal / g;


  • Mainly as heat storage, accounting for 25%~30% of total calorie intake per day;
  • Function of heat preservation, protection of body organs and shock absorption;
  •  Helping to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K; d. Manufacture of hormones .

4. Alcohol, calories are 7 kcal / gram, no food is good.

In addition, cellulose is what we should consume every day. Cellulose can increase satiety, delaying hunger, maintain good colon peristalsis, reduce the risk of heart opportunity disease and arterial disease, blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of suffering from colorectal cancer. It is recommended to eat 25 to 30 grams per day.

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From the nature of carbohydrates, we can see that it is not advisable not to eat staple foods. Carbohydrates are not only a very important source of energy, but also a necessity for metabolizing fat. Therefore, to control the diet to lose weight, it is not to eat the staple food, but to control the intake of fat.


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