Is there any benefits of swimming during pregnancy?

What are the benefits of pregnant women swimming in the summer? In the past, pregnant women were banned from swimming. In fact, as long as you master the water temperature, the amount of exercise and the swimming method, swimming has many benefits for pregnant women.

The benefits of summer swimming for pregnant women

1. The heavy pregnancy uterus is supported by water buoyancy, which can reduce the burden of supporting the lumbar muscles and back muscles of the pregnant uterus, thereby alleviating or eliminating the symptoms of low back pain often seen during pregnancy.
2. can reduce the fetal pressure on the rectum, and promote blood backflow in the pelvis, eliminate blood stasis, help prevent constipation, lower extremity edema and varicose veins.
3. increase lung capacity, and allow the mother to give birth to a long time to force, shorten the labor process.
4. often swimming, can gradually consume excess heat in the body, thus preventing pregnancy poisoning.
5. the change in the position of pregnant women in the water, is conducive to correct the fetal position and promote delivery.
6. When swimming, the whole body muscles participate in the activity; together with the “massage” of water on the blood vessels of the skin, it can promote the blood circulation, which not only enhances the constitution of the pregnant woman, but also facilitates the development of the fetus.
7. swimming can also benefit from sunbathing. Ultraviolet light in the sun not only has a bactericidal effect, but also converts subcutaneous dehydrocholesterol into vitamin D3, which promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and is beneficial to fetal bone development.
8. can improve mood, reduce pregnancy response, reduce headache during pregnancy, has a good impact on the development of the fetal nervous system.
9. Regular swimming can also help pregnant women maintain their body shape, especially for body shape recovery after childbirth.

Pregnant women swimming preparations and suitable conditions in summer

1. The water temperature should be kept at around 30 (85T). On the one hand, under this water temperature, the muscles are not easy to cramp, and it is not easy to fatigue. On the other hand, such water temperature will not be too hot, and it will make you The body temperature rises. If the water temperature is below 28, the uterus will be tight and may lead to premature birth or miscarriage. When swimming, choose the time when the uterus is not easy to stress (10 am to 2 pm). If the water temperature is too high, there will be fatigue.

2. Not every pregnant woman can swim or swim anywhere. Before entering the water, you must first measure your blood pressure and pulse, and do various tests. Qualified people can swim in the water with a water temperature of 29-31 and a special coach.

3. Pregnant women should choose the correct and reasonable time for swimming practice.


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