How to quit smoking & what will be practical benefit of quitting

Different people suggest different ways of quit smoking…here few help ways that help you out for quieting.

1. Bet: Some people who used to smoke in the past have had good experience in quitting smoking and betting. One of the effects is to openly quit smoking and seek support from friends and colleagues.

2, withstand the test of re-smoking: smoking after smoking quit is not equal to the failure to quit smoking, after taking a bite or a cigarette is not “everything is too late”, but carefully analyze the reasons for re-smoking, to avoid repeated offense.

3. Weight problem: After quitting smoking, the body weight will increase obviously, generally increasing by 5-8 pounds. Smoking people will reduce the basic speed of the body’s metabolism after smoking cessation, and will eat more food instead of smoking. Therefore, people who smoke will increase their weight by a few kilograms in a short period of time after smoking cessation, but they can cope with the weight by strengthening the body’s exercise. Increase , because increasing the amount of exercise can speed up metabolism.

4, throw away smoking equipment: ashtrays, lighters and cigarettes will stimulate the quitters, they should be thrown away.

Benefits of quitting smoking

1. Tobacco can almost damage all organs of the human body, and smoking cessation can effectively prevent or delay the progression of smoking-related diseases. Quitting smoking is an important part of treating various smoking-related diseases. Quitting smoking can also reduce the exposure of second-hand smoke exposure to people around the world, especially family members and colleagues.

2, smoking cessation in all ages are beneficial, and “early ring is better than late ring, ring is better than not.” Whenever you quit smoking, you can earn a longer life expectancy after quitting smoking. Quitting smokers are less likely to be associated with illness and disability than those who continue to smoke.

3. In addition, smokers’ smoking cessation behavior will also play a role in demonstrating family, friends and colleagues, especially affecting young people’s attitude towards smoking.

Conclusion: Do not think that the benefits of smoking on the body, in fact, can tell you that smoking is the most harmful to the lungs, if the lungs are not healthy, our body is very prone to the situation, if you maintain your lungs healthily This is definitely not to be ignored. It is normal for men to be stressed. However, no matter what, we still have a better understanding of our physical condition.


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