How to practice aerial yoga safely?

practice aerial yoga safely

Practicing yoga can clear the body’s meridians and help restore the body’s potential functions. It has a role to play in regulating the health of the body. In the yoga system, there is an aerial yoga, which uses the role of aerial ropes to carry out the practice of vacating. So how do you practice aerial yoga safely?

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How to practice aerial yoga safely – steps

1.Practice under the guidance of a coach.

Aerial Yoga is a more professional project, and it must be practiced under the guidance of the coach. When choosing a coach, pay attention to whether the coach’s training program includes training in aerial yoga. If the coach is not trained in the program, then don’t choose.

2. It is necessary to follow the principle of being difficult.

As with other yoga practice principles, the practice of aerial yoga must follow the principle of getting easier. On the one hand, your body can gradually adapt to the feeling of aerial yoga belt, and at the same time, in the increasing muscle strength, improve the practice level of aerial yoga.

3. Must practice at a professional yoga studio.

For the first time to participate in aerial yoga, it is safer to practice in a professional yoga studio. Do not practice blindly following the wind at home to avoid unforeseen accidents.

4. Be careful to keep the fasting for three hours.

Practice aerial yoga must be strictly fast, for up to three hours and above. Many friends who practice aerial yoga for the first time will have symptoms of discomfort, dizziness, vomiting and so on. Therefore, fasting is one of the most important preparations.

5. Can’t compare with other Gaya people.

The yoga girls who go to practice, the basis of each person is different, so you must not compare with other Gaya people. As long as you practice yourself, you can only compare it vertically with your own body and feel the slight progress made in each exercise.

6. Listen to your body.

To practice aerial yoga, be sure to listen to your body and never practice a beautiful movement. If the physical conditions permit, and with the permission and assistance of the instructor, carry out a gradual practice. Such exercises are safe and effective.

The advantages and disadvantages of aerial yoga are obvious:

1. For regular yoga poses, the effect of aerial yoga is faster and less likely to rebound.

2. But there are advantages and disadvantages, aerial yoga is more dangerous, it is easy to get hurt, what kind of friends are you more suitable for?


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