[Experience sharing] What are the family fitness equipment? How to buy?

For every fitness enthusiast, the fitness equipment for pickpockets is essential. How to choose home fitness equipment? First of all, it should be based on the individual’s physical condition and the purpose of exercise; secondly, consider the living area, economic conditions, etc., and consider the fitness equipment that is suitable for the needs. So what are the family fitness equipment, how can we choose high-quality home fitness equipment? Let me share my personal experience below!

List of family fitness equipment

1, the choice of dumbbells

Dumbbells are indispensable in fitness equipment. When choosing dumbbells, you must choose the right weight. How to choose? I will introduce you to a method to choose the weight of your dumbbell according to your height and weight. Refer to the following principles, which are based on the normal physical fitness and exercise intensity of the Chinese people, taking into account the stage of increasing dumbbell strength afterwards.

Height below 1.60 meters, weight 60 kg, -25 kg combination

Height 1.70 meters below weight 70 kg within -30 kg combination

Height 1.80 meters below weight 80 kg inside -35 kg combination

Height below 1.90 meters, weight 95 kg -45 kg combination

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2, the choice of dumbbell bench

Dumbbell benches are often used to assist dumbbells to complete some necessary fitness exercises, such as: bench-top dumbbell bench press, down-tilt dumbbell bench press, flat dumbbells, and so on. (1) The most important thing for the dumbbell bench is strong and stable. The leather on the stool should be thick; (2) The height of the stool is generally about 50 cm, and the length of the stool should be enough to ensure that the waist can be attached to the stool; (3) It is best to adjust the angle so that you can do more with the dumbbell.

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3, the choice of treadmill

(1) The running belt of the treadmill should be wider. In combination with the actual situation, do not choose too narrow and unsafe; (2) the stability is good, the running is comfortable, the noise is small; (3) the damping system is better, otherwise The impact of the knee is large, and the body is prone to problems after a long time.

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4, the choice of spinning bike

(1) The body of the spinning bicycle should be stable and the strength should be strong; (2) Select the belt drive, quiet, durable and easy to operate; (3) The seat cushion should be wider and comfortable.

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5, other sports accessories

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