Emotional eating is easy to be fat – 8 small tricks can help you break through

Some people adjust their emotions by overeating when they are in a bad mood. The eating habits of such people are changed according to the mood in daily life, and not the need to eat when they are hungry. For example, when feeling excessive pressure, nervousness, or unhappiness, they are relieved by eating, which leads to obesity. happened.

Trick to break through Emotional eating

First, we must restrain our own desires.

If you feel bad, you really want to eat something, but still try to restrain it. Try a five-minute strategy. When you want to eat, eat restraint after five minutes, next time, and then grams post-production for ten minutes, then there next time restraint twenty minutes so be restrained, so that you can develop a habit, rather than Eat something when you have emotions.

Second, drink a glass of water before you want to eat.

Women can add water to be beautiful. So before you want to eat, drink a glass of water. This will ease the mood, and then you will feel a sense of fullness, you can no longer eat, or eat food.

Third, with low heat amount of food stuffed belly

In your own refrigerator, you may want to put more vegetables and fruits, and put less calories. When you really want to eat, there are only these things to choose from.

Fourth, go out and walk to ease

No theory you are too happy or too sad, go for a walk is a good way. During the walk, you can solve the low mood and express your happy emotions. However, the most important thing is that you will not go to eat, so you can exercise, but also ease the self-employed who eat.

Fifth, if you want to eat, you will do the next exercise.

Put on your favorite sports shoes, some began to jog, or do anything else there is oxygen movement is also OK, in short, let the body move, thereby restrain the desire to eat, but also burns off calories.

Sixth, write your own mood

Write mood to ease your negative emotions. If you really feel bad, then write your own dissatisfaction, writing is a good way to vent. After that, you can decide what to do to make you happy, but you can’t eat.

Seventh, more to pamper yourself

There are many ways to love yourself, such as bathing, aromatherapy, massage, making a hair, etc., or going to beauty is a good choice to caress yourself, not necessarily eating, and choosing other ways can make yourself beautiful. .

Eighth, when the mood is not good, you can share it with your friends.

Friends can generally do “trash cans”, so when you have a heart, tell them, let them analyze why you are sad or happy with you. People who are open can be healthy and happy.

In short, emotional eating is not advisable. When you feel that work stress is particularly high and unhappy, some women are more likely to have emotional eating. It is easier to develop this bad eating habit. Obese, but also endangers health. Therefore, when the mood is not good, it can be solved in the above way, which is more conducive to relieving stress.


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