These 4 dietary priorities should be kept in mind during exercise to lose weight

Choosing the right exercise program can really achieve the purpose of weight loss, but it must be accompanied by a balanced diet, so that you can make weight loss more than half the effort, prevent rebound, sports diet weight loss diet notes.

Diet priorities should be kept in mind!

1, the three major fat burning diet tricks

Choose low-glycemic index food before exercise: Some people have an empty stomach to lose weight, so instead of speeding up the weight loss, they will consume protein in the muscles, so you can choose low-glycemic foods such as pumpkin or ice one hour before exercise. Oatmeal, etc., can prevent the blood sugar from rising after meals, and at the same time provide the energy needed by the body.

After exercise proper protein supplement: it should be within an hour after exercise of appropriate protein supplement for the body, not only to repair muscle tissue, but also to speed up the recovery of physical complex , to enhance the basal metabolic rate. When the heartbeat returns to normal after the exercise is completed, you can choose boiled eggs or nuts, etc., together with high-fiber foods.

Add water before and after exercise: 500 ml of water should be added to the body three hours before exercise to allow the body to have enough water. 200 ml of water should be added for every 20 minutes of exercise. If the amount of sweat is relatively large, you can choose a low-sugar sports drink and take a small number of times.

2, occasionally running on an empty stomach

Today’s young people are busy working and have no time to exercise, which is not conducive to the digestion of food. It’s a good idea to take an empty stomach for a week, but drink more water an hour ago to prevent dehydration .

3, try to be as simple as possible

In the exercise of weight loss, we must pay attention to the simplification of diet, low fiber low fat and high carbohydrates, not only will not cause stomach discomfort, but also can enhance energy.

4, add water

Exercise, which causes the body’s heat to be lost, in order to keep the joints lubricated, it will take away excess water in the body and cause inflammation. Appropriate supplementation of water can give people a sense of satiety and prevent dehydration. You may additionally also be selected more moisture-containing fruits and vegetables, which contains the anti- oxide of the component, allowing rapid return to normal muscle, boost the immune system.


When you lose weight, you must stick to it for a long time before you can see the obvious effect. You must ensure 4 to 5 times of aerobic exercise every week. The daily nutrition exercise should reach 30 minutes or so, so that the experience can be more abundant. Improve sleep quality and break down excess fat in the body.


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