Diet control is very important to lose weight – You should master these 5 tips

Diet control during weight loss

One of the biggest obstacles to losing weight is that we can’t control our mouths. Many girls usually regret after eating a big meal. Controlling their appetite from the source is much better for weight loss. So how can we control our appetite? What is the most effective way to reduce appetite?

5 tips of Diet control during weight loss!

1. Exercise your own hunger

Try not to eat anything for four hours. If you are afraid, it may be because you are worried that your body will be uncomfortable and you will find that hunger does not cause any adverse consequences. If you have never felt hungry, then your appetite may have left home. In other words, in order to resist the fear of food shortage, you always eat a lot, or you have completely lost the feeling of food. If you are always hungry, you may confuse physical hunger with psychological hunger. Hunger varies from person to person, and the most common manifestation is feeling weak and emotionally confused. The purpose of this step is to let you eat food calmly. During this short period of fasting, don’t deliberately experience the signs of hunger from your body, but let them appear naturally.

2, establish a regular diet

If you want your body to feel hungry and full, you should eat regularly and start with a regular diet every day. After ten days, you will feel hungry before breakfast, and you will know more about how full you are. Avoid eating food that you have not eaten, and eating familiar food makes it easier to find a size that is suitable for hunger.

3, take more than one day meal

Eating more meals a day is the best way to control your appetite. Controlling your appetite does not mean eating nothing, or you must take basic nutrition. While reducing hunger, you can effectively control your appetite. So you can divide your day’s food into five meals to six meals. The calorie intake will not increase, and you can control the food intake to satisfy people’s desire for food. .

4, eat with a small bowl

If it is difficult to control appetite through the will, there are some special methods that can be used, such as choosing a smaller bowl during meals to prevent you from involuntarily eating too much food, thus controlling excessive food intake.

5, slow down the speed of eating

It takes 15 to 30 minutes for the body to receive a feeling of satiety, and the communication between the stomach and the brain is not instantaneous. After half an hour of eating, the enzyme that activates satiety is released. If you eat too fast, you may get too much.

In addition, no matter what food you eat during weight loss, you should consciously remind yourself to chew several times. This is to avoid eating too much in too short a time to eat was best to arrange a place to eat, do not develop the habit of eating anywhere. Even if you no law to control their own meals, should also pick up food sitting at the table, not eating while watching TV.


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