Know the basics about condom and their use

The condom is made of rubber and has a shape similar to a glove and is approximately 18-19 cm in length. Sexual behavior is inserted into the male genitalia, sperm can be retained in the condom without entering the female body; some condoms also contain spermicide, killing sperm to increase contraceptive effect, but it also increases the user’s allergy rate. This method is very safe, with 98% contraceptive effect, and can avoid many sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. However, the use of condoms must pay attention to the validity period, the correct use, and some people may be allergic to their materials.


(1) Use a new open condom to avoid taking it with your nails

(2) It is forbidden to blow into the interior

(3) Extrusion of the air at the end of the seminal vesicle

(4) Put on the male genitalia, put it to the bottom

(5) Hold the condom after use to avoid any semen flow

(6) Discarded with toilet paper after use

(7) Condoms cannot be used repeatedly


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