Can we eat more sweets during pregnancy?

Many pregnant women is to eat what you eat, I think to eat recognition of fetal development better. In particular, experienced morning sickness torture of pregnant women, but that is a blessing to eat, and even let myself love to eat sweets taste. However, some studies have found that if the expectant mother eats too much sweet food, the child is at higher risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.
Doctor Gupta, deputy director of the Apollo Hospital, said that American scholars conducted an animal experiment: divided pregnant mice into two groups, one group drank water, and the other group drank a drink containing 10% fructose (on the market) The drink is containing 10% fructose). Other dietary conditions are consistent. After the mice were born and at the end of the weaning period, the two groups of mice ate the same food and kept it for one year (the average lifespan of the mice was two years, and the mice in one year were in the middle age).

The team measured indicators of abdominal obesity, blood sugar, insulin, cholesterol, triglycerides, and leptin in offspring rats. The results showed that the offspring of pregnant rats who drank only drinks had higher blood sugar and blood pressure than the pregnant rats who drank water, and were fatter, with higher liver fat and insulin levels. Conversely, leptin levels that help control appetite and reduce body weight are lower.

Therefore, experts remind pregnant women, do not consume too much sugarduring pregnancy , control the intake of sweets, do not because of the greed of the moment, increase the risk of obesity and high blood pressure in the adult after the baby.


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