7 principles for exercising perfect abdominal muscles

Accurate breathing methods can exert greater strength; help focus attention when completing movements; coordinate movements; and have rhythm and prevent injuries.

(1) There are two basic breathing methods:

1. The muscles inhale when they contract hard, and exhale when stretching.
2. Exhale when the muscle contracts, and inhale when stretching.

These two opposite breathing methods have been practiced in the past few decades. Many experts have discussed it. But these two breathing methods. All have the same requirement, that is, in the process of exerting force, avoid taking a long time of radon.

(2) In the bodybuilding training, the breathing method generally used;

1. Use a secondary breathing method for extreme or heavy weight. 
Take two or three deep breaths before the action starts. Inhalation at the beginning of the exercise, until the “peak contraction” or movement is in place, that is, a very short exhalation, followed by a short inspiratory continuous, until the action is close to the previous period of recovery or exhalation when restoring.
2, according to the physiological phenomenon of the human body breathing method:
no matter in which action, when the chest ribs and lungs are expanding, the use of “inhalation”, chest support bone and lungs in the compression position, the use of “exhale” . This method of exhalation prevents the lungs from being compressed or suffocated.

3. In the whole process of the action, from the “start position” to the “finish position”, as a breathing unit breathing method; it is “inhalation” from the beginning of the action until it returns to the middle or the last 1 /3 “Exhale” until the start position.

In bodybuilding training, when the action starts, the active muscle is in the “stretching position” or “shrinking position”.

For example, in exercise, shoulder, back, squat, anterior wall, calf strands and abdomen, the “starting position” is mostly the “extension position” of the active muscle.

When exercising chest, squats and legs, the “starting position” active muscles are mostly in the “contraction position”. However, individual cases are also in the opposite position.

In short, most of the bodybuilding training uses “medium weight” (generally 85-90%) and multiple times (6-12 times), not “extreme weight, less times”. Therefore, there is very little “helium” phenomenon.


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